CBR 12 Evo Active Amplified Sub Box Subwoofer Enclosure


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CBR 12 Evo Active Subwoofer Enclosure

New 2008 Model

Plus Wiring Kit

  • All new VIBE Blackair subwoofer loaded bass enclosure exclusive on active enclosures only.
  • Retuned enclosure offering increased low bass performance and variable port tuning.
  • 25mm and 18mm MDF construction, glued, screwed and braced for absolute rigidity.
  • VIBE PressureWedgeTM enclosure design creates internal pressures to assist cone control and enhance enclosure porting.
  • VIBE R&D have created the brand new and patented A.R.B.S.S anti resonance support  system which eliminates unwanted vibration for more defined bass.
  • Flared VIBE TurboportTM eliminates unwanted port noise.
  • VIBE PortplugTM included which when inserted into the VIBE turboport tm seals the port making an airtight sealed enclosure offering different sound characteristics.
  • The trademark VIBE crackle effect is applied through the new VIBE RubberCrackle that wraps the whole enclosure in a highly durable finish and adding anti vibration properties.
  • All CBR actives feature a perfectly matched Blackbox integrated bass amplifier.



  • Vibe CBR 12" V2 subwoofer in custom made original box with built-in amplifier
  • Height: 370mm, Width: 515mm, Depth: 415mm
  • Driver: Black Air 12"
  • RMS Power: 550w, Peak Power: 1600w
  • Turbo Ports: 2 x 3"
  • Characteristics: Deep Hard Punch
  • Wirring kit included.

  • Model: CBR 12 Evo Active Amplified Sub
  • Shipping Weight: 8kgs

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