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VIBE SQ12 enclosures are the last word in big performance from small enclosures. These enclosures are modified from the original SQ enclosures to more compact proportions and now feature the A.R.B.S.S. Anti Resonance Bass Support System ­ they remain the most compact and powerful active enclosures in the VIBE range and are questionably the most powerful active compact enclosures in the world. Featuring the SPACE II reference SPL subwoofer capable of producing enormous bass to a quality rarely seen even in studio quality speakers.

VIBE has specifically created the super compact SQ12enclosures to ensure the Award Winning SPACE II subwoofer is allowed to reach its true potential at its higher frequency spectrum; that´s the tighter sounding bass. The integrated BlackBox Bass 2 mono active amplifier is the perfect partner to the SQ12 enclosure and the 12" SPACE subwoofer together the 3 components combine to produce a truly immaculate sound.

VIBE SQ8 active is all about short sharp SNAP! It is an enclosure specifically designed to achieve a loud crack that can make you blink with its tightness - it is a reference enclosure that delivers absolute accuracy and is without doubt our most musical enclosure to date. The SQ8 active features the brand new 8 inch SPACE subwoofer featuring an all new 0.15mm high fidelity alloy cone offering tight, controlled bass which excels on fast transients.

The unit is powered by the all new BlackBox Bass 1 mono active amplifier and has minuscule dimensions that deceive the powerful crisp sound delivered. Its remarkable proportions allow for its installation into the smallest vehicles with outstanding results.

  • VIBE SQ enclosure design has been further enhanced which helps create internal pressures to assist cone control and enhance enclosure porting. 18mm MDF is used in the Construction - all enclosures are jointed, glued, screwed and braced to create absolute rigidity.
  • SPACE reference SPL subwoofers are featured as standard with all new black sandblast finish gasket and charcoal surround.
  • The SQ12 enclosure comes complete with the VIBE PortPlug™ which when inserted into the alloy TurboPort™ seals the port(s), making an airtight sealed enclosure offering different sound characteristics
  • Integrated active amplifiers perfectly match the SPACE II subwoofers and deliver maximum output and optimum sound quality. (Bass 1 for the SQ8 and Bass 2 for the SQ12)
  • BC10 - Optional in dash remote control for the active variants offering full control of both gain and crossover frequency for maximum control of the sound from the front seat
  • The new VIBE reinforced Anti Resonance Bass TurboPort™ is specifically designed to vent air with minimal sound distortion whilst maintaining a sleek anti resonant solid construction. Now complete with rubber gasket. (SQ12 only)
  • The trade mark VIBE crackle effect is applied through new VIBE Rubber Crackle that wraps the whole enclosure in a highly durable finish, adding better anti-Vibration properties.
  • Final touches are an aluminium bar on the top of the enclosure, and a cast alloy SQ badge.

Features & Specifications

  • SPECS: SQ12 Passive.
  • Height: 360mm.
  • Width: 375mm.
  • Depth: 315mm.
  • Driver: Space 12".
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms.
  • RMS Power: 1000w.
  • Peak Power: 3000w.
  • Turbo Ports: 1 x 3".
  • Characteristics: Reference/SPL.
  • Recommended Amplifier: BlackBox Bass II (Not Included, Optional).

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