Vibe Slick A7 1300W Monobox Mono Bass Car Amplifier Amp


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Vibe Slick A7 Monobox Amplifier

VIBE are proud to introduce the latest range of amplifiers. The VIBE SLICK range features a brand new super smooth heatsink with elegant profiling and a new rubberised matt black finish. Cast alloy end caps terminate the heatsink whilst hiding wiring and connections.

Designed to suit VIBE speakers, subwoofers and enclosures – the SLICK range incorporates the latest technologies to power up your VIBE audio system - serious power outputs, stunning sound quality all at a price some people believed to be impossible. VIBE’s new range of SLICK amplifiers is the last word in affordable power amplifiers.

Features & Specifications

  • New rubberised paint finish adds a touch of quality and originality.
  • Cast alloy end caps add to the amplifiers sleek looks whilst at the same time hiding the wiring and connections.
  • Quality components and a 2 layer circuit board with discrete surface mount components.
  • Built in protection circuitry safeguards the amplifier under extreme power output and ensures that the connected speakers are always playing under optimum conditions.
  • On board high and low pass crossover (SLICK a7 low pass only) ensures that your speakers receive only the frequencies they were designed to handle.
  • Adjustable subsonic filterer moves the ultra low frequencies that are inaudible and only waste amplifier power. (SLICK a7 only).
  • SLICK remote level control Slick REM 1included. (optional on SLICK a2, a3 and a4).
  • 0 – 18dB bass boost @45Hz.
  • RCA line outputs allow easy daisy chaining of amplifiers from a single RCA output. (SLICK a2 and a7only).
  • Digital MonoBlock Amplifier.
  • Max Power @ 1ohm: 1 x 1300W.
  • RMS output @ 1ohm: 1 x 750W.
  • RMS output @ 2ohm: 1 x 600W.
  • RMS output @ 4ohm: 1 x 300W.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 85dB.
  • Class D – digital monoblock amplifier.
  • Dimensions: H 65mm x W 425mm x D 245mm Approx. 
  • Frequency Response: 10 - 500Hz.
  • LPF: 35 - 250Hz.
  • Super Slick design with rubberised finish.
  • Twin end caps for stealth connections.
  • Soft turn on feature.
  • In dash bass boost remote control.
  • 0 – 180 phase control.
  • 18db bass boost.
  • Fully adjustable Subsonic filter (A7 only).
  • 1 ohm stable (A7 only).
  • Built in relay protection.
  • High quality surface mounted components.
  • Double sided PCB.
  • Preouts for linking additional amplifiers.
  • Lo-level Input: 0.2 - 6v.
  • Hi-level Inputs: 0.4 - 12v.

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