12V 2/4/8/12 Amp 5000cc Car Van Smart Battery Charger


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Ring 12V 12Amp Car Smart Charger Battery SmartCharge

Fully automatic 2-12amp SmartCharge, ideal for charging 12v batteries. Connect and forget, can be left permenantly connected. Desulphation and recondition battery maintenance tools and LED display. Includes USB charging socket, LED light and hook

Product Description

    • Smart battery charging.
    • Diagnostics.
    • Repair and maintenance.
    • Fast, safe battery charging with multiple charge rates.
    • Smart battery charging - 7 stage fully automatic smartcharge for fast, safe battery charging.
    • Safe battery charging - Connect and forget - Can be left permanently connected.
    • Fast battery charging - Charges up to twice as fast as conventional battery chargers. 2/4/8/12 amp settings allow for optimal charge rates to be set.
    • Repair and maintenance - Reconditioning and desulphation tools can increase battery performance and prolong battery life.
    • LED display - Charging information - Display the battery voltage, charge rate applied and the battery charge status.
    • Battery charge status - Check the need of your battery without the need for mains power.
    • Soft start - Controlled build up of charge to prevent any damage or overloading of the battery.
    • USB - Total charging solution - USB charging socket for recharging MP3 players and other small electronics.

Brand new in a Pack.

  • Model: 12V 2/4/8/12 Amp 5000cc
  • Shipping Weight: 0.999kgs

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