12V 2-8A 3000cc Car Automatic Smart Charger Battery


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12V 2-8 amp 3000cc Car Automatic Smart Battery Charger. SmartCharge 8

Fully automatic 2-8amp SmartCharge, ideal for charging 12v batteries. Connect and forget, can be left permenantly connected. Desulphation and recondition battery maintenance tools and LED display. Includes LED light and hook.


  • Bulk Charge: The main part of the charge process where 80% of the charge is applied.

  • Absorption: Fully charges the battery by slowly reducing the charge rate to allow the battery to absorb more power.

  • Float: Maintains the battery at 100% charge without overcharging or damaging the battery.

  • Ideal for batteries used intermittently, such as seasonally used vehicles including classic cars, motorcycles and caravans.

  • Product Dimensions: H259 x W133 x D70mm approx.
  • An automatic test to determine the battery condition after charging.
  • A slow steady build up of the charging process that limits the power supplied to protect the battery.
  • Fast, safe battery charging with multiple charge rates.

Brand new in a Pack.

  • Model: 12V 2-8A 3000cc Car Automatic
  • Shipping Weight: 0.999kgs

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