12V 900A Car Van Battery 4 in1 Jump Starter Booster Compressor


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Portable Jump Starter Power Pack with Air Compressor & Work Light


Recommended for use with up to 2500cc Petrol & 2000cc Diesel Engines




  • 12V Rechargeable sealed maintenance free lead-acid battery.
  • LED Warning, Charge Level & Full Charge Indicators.
  • Built-in Bright LED Work Light.
  • Operate small 12V accessories using the 12V DC Socket. Ideal for use with In-car phone chargers, car vacuum cleaners, work lamps & much more.
  • Use with an optional Power Inverter will allow you to operate your small 230V UK standard appliances Outdoors enabling you to use Laptops, Stereos, portable TVs, DVD players etc.
  • Approx Dimensions: W: 325mm x D: 150mm x H: 335mm. Approx net weight: 6.25kg.



  • 900Amps peak boost/ 400 Amps booster starting power.
  • Starts cars, recreation vehicles and boats without the need of a host vehicle or AC power cords.
  • 12V cigarette lighter socket with overload protection provides power for utilities and appliances that usually plug into a vehicle or boat 12V cigarette lighter socket.
  • Provides up to 50-hours of DC power when use with 12 DC socket
  • Allows small 12V appliance to be used in remote sites and/or in emergency when commercial power is not available.
  • Solid-state, automatic operation and circuit protection.
  • Maintenance-free, 10AH battery.
  • This system can be stored without risking acid leakage.
  • Heavy-duty industrial type welding cable can carry more amperage than similar units.
  • Battery condition meter is color coded and easy to read.
  • DC power cord allows recharging from 12V DC cigarette socket.
  • Moulded high-impact case is tough and durable.
  • Has a built in light for roadside vehicle repair for emergency situation away from commercial power.


Air Compressor enables you to inflate your vehicles tyre in an emergency and for regular tyre maintenance.


All brands of Jump starters can only jump start a vehicle with weak battery and in case if battery is totally flat or dead, these power packs will not be able to jump start. The main purpose is to assist in jump start if battery does not have enough power to start the engine.

  • Model: SWPP9
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kgs

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