12v 2500cc Car Engine Battery Booster Power Jump Starter


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Portable12v 2500ccEngine Car Battery Booster Jump Starter Power Pack Station &Work Light


Recommended for use with up to 2500cc Petrol & 2000cc Diesel Engines




  • 12v rechargeable sealed maintenance free lead acid battery.
  • LED warning, charge level & full charge indicator.
  • Built-in bright LED Work Light.
  • Operate any 12v accessories using the 12v DC socket. Ideal for use with in-car phone chargers, car vacuum cleaners, work lamps and much more.


Please Note:

All brands of Jump starters can only jump start a vehicle with weak battery and in case if battery is totally flat or dead, jump starters power packs will not be able to jump start.

The main purpose is to assist in jump start if battery does not have enough power to start the engine. Do not use inflator for over 10 minutes. See in instructions.

Units are supplied with minimal charge at manufacture. It is unable to function is anyway unless the unit is fully charged over a 12 hour period immediately after purchase.

This is essential before any use. Once charged for 12 hours, press test button to make sure it is showing full charge. As long as it is in green area, it will be considered full charged.


  • Unit is only partially charged and will require full charge before use. See instructions.
  • Your unit was removed from the pack only to make sure all are contents are included and that it is in full working order.
  • One of the limitations of any power pack is that if the car alternator, starter motor, or battery is defective, flat or below 5 amps then it will not be able to jump start. Main purpose of the power pack is to assist in case of weak battery. If the battery is flat then it has to be charged with a conventional charger to add some power in the battery, only then jump starter will assist. Power packs cannot provide same amount of power a car to car jump start can provide.
  • Once the unit is charged, the gauge will show a maximum charge in the unit. Once unplugged, it will gradually drop and settle down. As long as the charge indicator is showing in the green area, it will indicate that the unit is fully charged. Gauge or charge level settling down even in middle does not mean it has lost its charge. This will apply to all makes and types of jump starters.
  • Jump starters can never be tested with a volt meter and unit must be checked and charged regularly when not in use.
  • If your unit has a built-in air compressor, do not run it continuously and allow it to cool down. Built in Tyre pressure gauge is for guidance only and will not be as accurate as individual Tyre gauge. Please read instructions leaflet before use.

  • Model: SWPP10
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