Compact 3500cc In Car 12v Cigarette Lighter Socket Jump Starter


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Black & Decker Heavy Duty BDV040 Simple Start Battery Booster


Product Description:

Black & Decker Heavy Duty Simple Start Battery Booster charges the vehicle's battery via the 12V socket in approx 20 minutes so there is no need to open the bonnet and attach leads directly to the battery.

Product Specifications:


  • Suitable for most petrol engines up to 3500cc and diesel engines up to 3000cc.
  • Bright and long-lasting LED light, ideal for map reading.
  • Portable source, 12v 5A Dc Outlet for charging phones etc.
  • Boost the battery from inside the vehicle.
  • Compact design, on/off button.
  • Fits into most glove compartments.
  • Battery level indicator ensures full charge.
  • Plug and wire compartment for neat storage.
  • AC household and DC vehicle adaptors allows charging from home or vehicle.
Please Note:

This unit is not suitable for flat batteries or vehicles with DC negative earth vehicles (only DC battery system). For vehicles with on-board computerized systems, please read the vehicles owners manual to see if external-starting assistance is advised and read the chargers manual before use.

Product Benefits:

Starts the vehicle from the inside, with this starting equipment your vehicle starts also in the case of weak battery. In this way you can be prepared in case of battery failures, emergencies and break downs. Simply connect using 12V socket in the car and the weak battery will soon have enough energy to start the vehicle.

Please note: 

When buying a jump starter we advise to check the cold cranking amps stated on the battery to see if jump starter will be suitable i.e. If description states 600 amp jump starter then please check if your battery cca is below 600A. Jump starter assists in jump starting a car with weak batteries. There may be vehicles with higher cca rated batteries and also due to various component factors and condition of batteries we will not be able guarantee that jump starter will jump start instantly or will be suitable for your requirement. All units are checked before dispatch and tested upon return. In case of a fault we will offer replacement or refund as per our refund policy.

Jump Starter:

All brands of Jump starters can only jump start a vehicle with weak battery and in case if battery is totally flat or dead, these power packs will not be able to jump start. The main purpose is to assist in jump start if battery does not have enough power to start the engine.

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