Ring 12v 8A RSC608 Upto 3.0L Car Smart Battery Charger & Tester


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Ring 12v 8Amp RSC608 Car Van Intelligent and Smart Battery Charger and Tester.

The fast and safe way to correctly test, recondition and charge your battery.

Product Descriptions:

  • 8AMP Smart Charger suitable for vehicles up to 3.0L.
  • Includes battery repair tools to increase performance and battery life.
  • Auto Charge function applies the fastest charge, based on the battery size.
  • Includes settings for both standard vehicles and START/STOP.
  • Memory saver function allows vehicle and audio settings to be retained if the battery is removed.


Features & Specifications


The RSC608 has an automatic 7 stage charging cycle that is simple to use but comes with a comprehensive range of features to diagnose, recondition and service vehicle batteries. Simply plug into the mains and connect to the battery and the Smart Battery Charger will do the rest. The unit also comes with settings to charge the latest STOP-START technologies batteries found on modern vehicles. It includes 3 battery, alternator and vehicle charging test modes:

  1. Battery Voltage setting displays as a % the voltage status of a battery.
  2. Start power test measures voltage drop during engine start to identify potential battery issues.
  3. Alternator check tests the recharging performance of the vehicles alternator.

An important and helpful feature is the memory saver function; if the battery is needed to be removed this function allows the vehicle electrical and audio settings to be retained, removing any hassle and inconvenience when the vehicle is started again. AUTOCHARGE function makes battery charging easy as it automatically applies the fastest, safest charge rate based on the battery size. Cold temperatures affect battery performance and as a result Ring has added a winter charge function to correctly charge a battery, during winter months, for optimal performance. For motorists the RSC608 reduces the cost of battery replacement and the claims for the battery warranty. Motorists will also see an improvement in battery performance to deal with the constant drain from the ever increasing on board electronic equipment and in-car gadgets. Supplied with fully insulated battery clamps. Includes a 5 year guarantee.

Brand New

Important Information for Smart & Automatic Chargers.

Please note smart and automatic chargers will not work if the battery is flat or has a charge below 5 amps only. In such conditions the battery has to be charged with a conventional charger to take the charge up to 5 amps (or jump start from another car) and only then a smart charger will charge and maintain the battery.

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