MICHELIN Double Barrel Car BiCycle Bike Foot Pump


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Brand new in a Box.

MICHELIN Twin Barrel Foot Pump 

  • Ergonomic Tread Plate.
  • Superior Performance to 100psi.
  • Stylish, Functional Design.
  • 60cm Hose for easy connection to tyre valve.
  • Adaptors for Cycles, Sports Equipment and Beach Toys.
  • Accurate Analogue Gauge and easy to read dual display shows PSI and BAR.

***Auto Express Review Of The Product***

Legendary tyre maker Michelin shows itís pretty good at putting air in them, too, with this footpump. The largest unitís wide, treaded plate made secure pumping a breeze. It delivered the biggest increase Ė 6psi Ė and the reading was spot-on. The valve clip was easy to use, too, clinching our Best Buy.

***Auto Express Best Buy 2007***

  • Model: MICHELIN Double Barrel Foot Pump
  • Shipping Weight: 0.999kgs

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