12v LED Cruise-Lite Ice Daylight Day Running Light Lamp

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Ring Aurora Cruise-Lite Ice LED Daytime Running Lamps


Car lighting has two main purposes; to see and to be seen. Recently LED style lighting has become popular due to many vehicles currently on the road having built in LED lights, in particular the ‘Audi Style’ lighting.

This new unit from Ring Automotive is designed for retrofitting to give any vehicle an unmistakable modern look, that is sure to get your car noticed. While drivers could use their headlamps for daylight running standard halogen bulbs will increase vehicle’s energy consumption. LEDs have negligible energy consumption and compared to halogen bulbs have a superior long service life.

According to the SWOV the Institute for Road Safety Research in depth crash studies have shown that not having seen the other road user plays a role in 50% of daytime crashes. Furthermore as a Day Light Running Lamp this Cruise-Lite will greatly contrast the car from it surroundings making it more visible helping reduce accidents.

With day light running compulsory in some European countries and not in others, the European Union is standardising DRL legislation for the positive benefit of reducing road casualties. January 2011 will see the coming into force of European legislation that states all cars manufactured after that date will require E approved daylight running lights. Motorists who fitted Ring Automotive Day Light Running Lamps (DRL) will have the pioneering technology required for 2011, NOW!!


  • 2 x 150mm Daytime Running Lamps each fitted with 5 x 1.5 watt stylish ice white LEDs.
  • Provides a bright, narrow intense beam of light.
  • Improves vehicle visibility and reduces the risk of front-on accidents in daylight hours.
  • Each Lamp is 147mm Wide x 60mm Height x 56mm Depth.
  • Fitting instructions and fixing brackets included.
  • Can be used on any 12v vehicle and motor bike.
  • Automatic Switching Unit.
  • The lamps in this pack are 'E' marked to ECE R87. The automatic switching unit allows the lights to be illuminated as soon as the engine is switched on but will extinguish them once the vehicle sidelights are turned on. The lights can also be fitted as optional position lights in conjunction with existing sidelights.
  • Can be fitted under the bumper, anywhere in the middle or side front grills or Vents as seen in the pictures above.

The use of a Ring RLFK300 remote control wiring kit will help reduce the fitting time by half (Optional wiring only) which is also available in our ebay shop.

  • Model: Ring Aurora Cruise-Lite Ice LED
  • Shipping Weight: 7kgs

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