Midland 203 Plus CB Radio Transceiver Multi 80 Channel


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Midland 203 Plus CB Radio Transceiver Multi 80 Channel

Product Information

This is the latest model of CB Radio from Midlands.

The new Midland 203 plus multi Citizens Band radio is a Multi Standard CB transceiver with a sensitive receiver that will hear a pin drop! The Phase Locked Loop circuitry used gives precise frequency control and stability, (pinpoint channel tuning accuracy with separate scan up and down controls); the ceramic filters in the receiver give excellent selectivity, to reduce and eliminate adjacent channel interference. Microphone which is supplied with this CB is a 4 pin standard microphone which has no channel change buttons. This CB will stay on set channel when power has been disconnected unlike the Midland 38 and 98 models.

The Midland 203 Plus Multi comes complete with a microphone, mounting bracket and power supply cable (which is fitted with a cigar lighter style plug which can be removed if not required.


§ Channel UP/DOWN switch.

§ Dual function switch: AM/FM EN/EC.

§ ON/OFF Volume knob.

§ Squelch knob.

§ Microphone Jack for 4 pin standard microphone.

§ CH 9 - 19 switch.

§ Channel display.

§ RX/TX led.

§ External speaker jack plug.

§ 12V power supply required.

      Frequency Band Selection:

§ The Midland 203 plus can be set on the following frequency bands:IT, EU, PL, D4, UK, EC, I2.

§ A  frequency band and restriction of use chart is supplied.


Technical Information:

Frequency coverage  from 26.565 to 27.405 MHz
Sensitivity better than 1.0 μV for 20 dB SINAD
Adjacent Channel Rejection 60 dB at 10 kHz; 70 dB for 20 KHz
Intermediate Frequency  1st IF=10.7 MHz; 2nd IF=455 KHz
Audio Output power  4 watts max
Frequency Response (-6dB)  6 dB: 450-2500 Hz
Squelch  adjustable from 1.2 μV to 1mV


Frequency coverage                           from 26.565 to 27.405 MHz
Duty cycle                                           5/5/90
Output Power                                      1/4 W
Type of modulation                             AM/FM
Max Deviation                                     2.0 KHz FM; 80% AM
Spurious Radiation                              62 dB or better
Frequency Tolerance                           0.002%
Power supply                                      12,6 Vdc ±10%
Current Drain                                      FM: 1.3 A; AM: 1.8 A
Dimensions                                         124x38x190 mm
Weight                                                1.2 kg

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