Car Gold Alloy Wheel Spray Paint Kit


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Professional Car Gold Alloy Wheel Spray Paint & High Gloss Lacquer Spray & Primer

Alloy Wheel Paint (400ml):


E-tech is pleased to introduce a new alloy wheel paint that has been specially developed to refurbish, refresh or customise your alloy wheels.

This Paint offers a simple and inexpensive DIY solution to refurbishing your alloys.

The specially formulated paint can restore the appearance of your alloy wheels or give them a totally new look and a new lease of life.

This paint provides a durable coating which is resistant to brake dust, cleaning chemicals and road salt and drives to a hard, chip resistant, long lasting finish.


  • Specially formulated for refurbishing alloy wheels.
  • Ideal for refreshing and customising alloy wheels.
  • Excellent adhesion qualities.
  • Resists brake dust, cleaning chemicals, road salt etc.
  • Long lasting chip resistant satin finish.
  • Simple to apply & quick drying.
  • High quality silver paint.
Lacquer (400ml):


If you are refurbishing your alloys, or just want to make them look like new again, then this lacquer will provide the finishing touch to give them that new showroom look.

Our fine mist lacquer will allow you to achieve a professional finish. The lacquer can be applied in a versatile way allowing you to spray into tight corners and deep pockets.

Can be used on any alloy wheel or painted surface to provide a Hi-gloss "wet look" finish.


  • 'Wet look' Hi-gloss finish.
  • Scratch resistant protective coating.
  • Resistant to fuel, Chemicals, UV Rays, Weathering.
  • Easy to apply & Quick Drying.
  • Gives any Alloy Wheel that new showroom look.
E-Tech Technik Self-ETech Primer (400ml):


Specially developed to allow notoriously difficult surfaces to be painted such as:


  • Aluminium.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Galvanised, treated or untreated steel.
  • Bare Metals.
  • Fibre Glass.
  • Chemically etches the surface creating a firm foundation for primer and paint.
  • Microscopically impregnates the first few microns of the surface promoting excellent primer and paint adhesion.
  • Ideal for restoration and refurbishment of alloy wheels.
  • Etches & primes in one step.
  • When sprayed on to a surface a chemical process starts and the acid content impregnates the top layer of the surface and provides a firm foundation. Compatible with virtually any primer or top coat of paint.

  • Model: Gold Primer Kit
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kgs

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