Automatic 12V 4-25amp Car Battery Pro Smart Charger


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Ring 12V 25A Professional Smart Battery Charger

Product Description

The Intelligent Way to Charge Your Battery

  • High spec, heavy duty internal components.
  • Tough metal casing.
  • LED display.
  • Charging rates available.
  • Charge rate selection switch.
  • LED display mode selection switch - switches between battery voltage, charging current (amps) and battery charge capacity.
  • Polarity protection - display if the battery clips are connected incorrectly.
  • Battery recondition - automatic fuction for reconditioning a deeply discharged battery.
  • Charge status : "Charging" - LED flashes, "Charged" - LED is solid.
  • Smart charge rates : 4 - 25 Amp.
  • Suitable vehicle size : Up to 12.0L.

Specification Summary:

Voltage AC


Charging Current

4, 12 and 25amps

Standby Current


IP Rating




European part number


Max suitable vehicle size


Max battery size


Fully Automatic 7 Stage Professional Smart Battery Charger:-

  • Desulpation: Pulse charge to allow the recovery of a sulphated battery.
  • Soft start: Sensitive charging for deeply discharged batteries.
  • Bulk: Charges the battery at a constant current up to 80% of its capacity.
  • Absorption: Charges at a constant voltage with the current reducing until the battery reaches the 100% capacity.
  • Battery analysis: An automatic battery discharge test is conducted to analyse the battery status. If further charging is required the battery recondition function is selected.
  • Battery recondition: An automated process that revives or increases the performance of a deeply discharged battery.
  • Float maintenance: Charging to ensure your battery is fully charged. When in this stage the battery can be left connected to the smartcharge indefinitely.

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  • Model: Automatic 12V 4-25amp
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