4 in 1 900a Car Battery Jump Starter, Power Pack & Compressor

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12V Jump Starter With Air Compressor


A fully portable jump starter that is ideal for anyone needing to jump start an automobile engine with weak battery in an emergency. Simply hook up the color coded cables from your jumpstarter to your dead battery, start the vehicle and you are on your way. No need to a tow truck or ask a stranger for help. Perfect for powering 12 volt batteries in recreational vehicles and equipment that do not get used everyday such as boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors etc.


  • Maintenance free, rechargeable sealed lead acid battery. Can be stored in any position without fear of leakage.
  • Heavy duty rubberized high impact housing.
  • 900amp rechargeable jump starter with 260 psi air compressor.
  • Compatible up to 4500cc petrol engines.
  • Portable 12 volt power source.
  • Perfect for Car, Boats, Motorcycle, Camping etc.
  • Pack comes with clear picture instruction on how to use.
  • Supplied with both household and auto adaptors to recharge unit at home or on the road when battery gets low.

Note: Jump Starter - All brands of Jump starters can only jump start a vehicle with weak battery and in case if battery is totally flat or dead, these power packs will not be able to jump start. The main purpose is to assist in jump start if battery does not have enough power to start the engine. 


Brand New in a Box.

  • Model: 900amp 4 in 1
  • Shipping Weight: 0.999kgs

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