Forte Car High Mileage Engine Oil Fortifier 400ml


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Forte Oil Fortifier

Forté Oil Treatment and Oil Fortifier both carry out the following functions:

  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces sludge formation
  • Reduces oxidation (varnish and tar build up)
  • Neutralises crankcase acidity (to prevent corrosion)

Oil Fortifier goes one stage further in that it contains:

Viscosity Index Improver
(to maintain oil pressure and reduce oil burning)
This V.I. Improver is not designed to thicken oil, which can upset the delicate viscosity balance of low viscosity oils, but rather to maintain oil viscosity from cold start, thereby preventing the oil from thinning at high temperatures.

Both Oil Treatments employ technology as used in the formulation of modern day oils, i.e. they contain the 'additive packages' in a concentrated form that are found in today's oils. We do NOT use P.T.F.E. technology as used in other oil supplements.

Oil Treatment is compatible with turbo engines and catalytic convertors.

Oil Fortifier is compatible with turbo engines and catalytic convertors but NOT for engines which operate with wet clutches.

As a general rule, Oil Treatment is recommended for vehicles up to 80,000 miles that have been regularly maintained and serviced. Oil Fortifier is used thereafter to combat the effects of natural wear (friction and corrosion) associated with higher mileage engines or earlier if the vehicle is showing signs of oil burning or failing oil pressure due to neglect.

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