Forte Specialist Car Fuel Petrol Injector Cleaner 400ml


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Forte Specialist Injector Cleaner

Why a new product?

Specialist Injector Cleaner has been specifically formulated to combat driveability concerns caused by the adverse effects of fuel degradation.

Unleaded petrol naturally decays in the fuel tank particularly if there is moisture and condensation in the fuel. Acids form, creating lacquer and varnish which is then deposited throughout the fuel system. These contaminants restrict tight tolerance components such as fuel injectors and cause corrosion due to the acidic nature of the fuel.

Fuel flow through injectors becomes restricted leading to an incorrect air/fuel ratio and mixture formation resulting in a misfire.

The resultant inefficient combustion process leads to the formation of polluting exhaust gases and M.O.T. failure.

Specialist Injector Cleaner effectively removes the build up of lacquer and varnish from the whole of the fuel system to ensure correct and efficient fuel delivery. Acids are neutralised to prevent the formation of lacquer and varnish and the fuel is stabilised to protect the fuel system components against corrosion.

Product Features

  • Neutralises fuel acidity.
  • Removes lacquer and varnish deposits.
  • Restores fuel flow to fuel injectors.
  • Improves the combustion process.
  • Reduces polluting exhaust emissions.
  • Stabilises the fuel against decay.
  • Protects fuel system components from corrosion.

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